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Social media sizes also known as SocialSizes.io, was launched in January 2019. The site was build because I got tired of having to go through huge blog posts to find social media sizes. I bet you have probably done the same before you found this site? Yes, it sucks, and it is super time consuming. So I built SocialSizes.io. The goal was to make it as easy as possible to get image and video sizes for the biggest social media networks in the world.

The first release of SocialSizes was launched on ProductHunt and reached a Top 10 spot as Product of the Day. 9 months later I launched 2.0 that reached 🥉#3 Product of the Day.

The site have grown quite a lot and now also offers you templates for the most popular design tools: Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe XD. I am considering adding more options if the demand is big enough - the same goes for the social media networks.

Before you get mad about something being broken - remember that this is only a side project of mine and it's free. I do my best to keep all the social media sizes up to date. So far the community around socialsizes has been super good at reporting if a size has changed. So usually it only takes a day or two before a size change is added here.

About the maker

Peter Assentorp

I currently work as a freelance UI/UX designer and I'm also partner in a company called Sportmonda.dk, where we sell custom football kits with print. The company operates in several countries: DK, SE, NO, FR, DE, BE, NL, COM and have subbrands like Fodboldsæt.dk ,Fotbollbarn.se ,Voetbalkinderen.nl and Firmatojmedlogo.dk . Previously I've worked in the advertising agency for three years and at Issuu.com for three years. Now I do work at Cap

I also have another small danish side-project called goderestauranter.dk that I work on from time to time. The site is just a list/map with the best restaurants in Copenhagen.

You can find my portfolio website here tosider.dk

All the best,

Peter Assentorp

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