Entrepreneurs, designers and social media managers all struggle to find the best tools to save time and do great work. I have collected an awesome list of tools that will improve your productivity and make you work faster. You will find everything from designer tools to marketing tools for your business.

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  • Anyword
    AI Copywriting That Converts.
    Anyword’s powerful AI tool allows users to generate high-potential ad copy, landing pages, product descriptions, blogs, email, and more in 25 langue! In just a few clicks, you can generate several different copy variations across various platforms and channels.
    Increase your conversion rates and optimize your copy today. Sign up for the 7-day free trial and get instant access. No credit card required.
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  • EmailOctopus
    Newsletter - Free up to 2500 subscribers.
    Email marketing is a must have in any business but the software is often super expensive. EmailOctopus is a simple and cheap solution that’s free until you reach 2500 subscribers. It’s easy to setup and scales with your business. SocialSizes use EmailOctopus.
    +54,000 companies and organisations use EmailOctopus to grow. Sign up and try for free today. No credit card required.
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  • LeadPages
    Website and landing pages that convert.
    Quickly & easily publish your first webpages in a matter of minutes. Start with a conversion-optimized, mobile-responsive template. Then customize it inside the Drag & Drop Builder, and launch a professional-looking landing page or website that's designed to convert.
    +40,000 small business trust Leadpages. Take Leadpages for a test drive when you start your free 14-day trial. No obligation. No reason not to.
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  • 1Password
    The most secure password manager
    Forgot your password again? With 1Password, all you need to remember is one password. The app collects all your passwords into a super safe place and locks them up behind something only you know: your one password.
    +15 million users and +100,000 businesses trust 1Password with their passwords and personal information. Try the 14 days free trial.
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  • Social Boost
    Social Boost
    Grow your Instagram with real followers
    Meet Social Boost, the #1 Instagram Marketing Service that uses a team of hand-trained Instagram Marketers to manage and grow your account. No bots, automation or false promises.
    Social Boost currently manage +23,000 Instagram Accounts and attract real followers that like, comment and engage with your content. Grow your account today and start getting more followers.
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  • Webflow
    Custom websites without writing code
    Webflow is a visual web development platform that lets you design, build, and launch completely custom websites without writing code. Create the site you want, without relying on a developer
    Webflow is used by more than 3,500,000 designers and teams to create beautiful websites in a completely visual canvas - without writing code.
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  • Lemon Squeezy
    Lemon Squeezy
    Sell digital products the easy-peasy way
    Sell digital downloads, subscriptions or software. Lemon Squeezy makes it easy to accept payments with a super-quick, mobile-friendly checkout without worrying about payment gateways, taxes, and file delivery.
    Selling digital downloads, subscriptions, and software licenses has never been easier, faster, or more secure. Try the 14 day free trial now.
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  • Sendible
    Manage your social media from one place
    Sendible has everything you need for automatic post scheduling, approval workflows, community engagement, and reporting. It's a must have for agencies and small businesses who have many different clients.
    Over 30,000+ agencies, marketers, and brand managers rely on Sendible. Try it free for 14 days. No credit card required. Cancel anytime.
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  • Mouseflow
    See your users in action
    With Mouseflow you get better insights into what your users are actually doing on your website. See why users drop off, why they abandon their cart or why they aren't filling out your form and much more.
    Mouseflow is currently used by more than 190,000+ worldwide. Start your free, full-feature, 14-day trial now. (No credit card required).
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    Generate marketing copy in seconds.
    Struggling to make copy for Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, a new Website or any other parts of your marketing? Try out - a superb tool that automagically generates copy suggestions for you based on a snippet of text.
    500,000+ marketers are already using CopyAI to create content for their social media. Try it for free. No credit-card required.
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