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Twitter shut down Fleets on August 3, 2021 citing low usage
By Peter AssentorpTwitter Fleets size

Looking for the right size to use for Twitter Fleets? We got you. Fleets was introduced globally in November 2020 after a long beta period of testing in India and Brazil. Fleets is tweets that disappear after 24 hours, similar to stories on Snapchat and Instagram. It will show on users home timeline and on the senders profile. Right now fleets is limited to the mobile apps only but this might change in the future.


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What should I know about the twitter fleets size?

Want to get started fleeting? You can find the perfect dimensions for the twitter fleet size above. One thing to keep in mind is that the top is heavily overlayed with a black gradient. So make sure you important content is centered in the image.

It's mobile only, meaning that you can only use Fleets on your iOS or Android phone. Twitter Fleets is currently not available on Desktop.

Curious how the end result will be? You can always test before you post to check if everything looks okay. Just select the image from your camera roll and you will get an instant preview of how it will look if you post the image.

What is Twitter Fleets and what can I do with it?

Fleets let's you interact with Twitter right in the moment. Fleets let's you share your in-the-moment thoughts, and after 24 hours, they’ll disappear from view. You can share personal thoughts with your followers, without getting the "publics reactions" like comments, likes and retweets. Your followers will be able to reply to your Fleet by tapping the "Send a Message" button that appears when they are viewing the fleet. When you have sent a fleet, you will be able to see who of your followers viewed your fleets.

If you have a set the option to make your tweets private / protected. Your fleets will be protected as well. But if you yourself have set your tweets to private / protected and view someone elses fleet. They will be able to see that you viewed their fleet.

Twitter has said that they will keep a copy of all Fleets for a limited time to be able to enforce against Fleets that are found to violate their rules. You can read more about fleets on the about page on twitter here

What features does twitter fleets have?

With Twitter Fleets you can add text (up to 280 characters), make reactions to Tweets, post photos or videos and customize it with various background and text options. In order to share a Tweet in a Fleet you can tap the “Share” icon at the bottom of a Tweet and then tap “Share in Fleet.” From here you can add text or emojis. Twitter has announced that they soon will add stickers and live broadcasting to Fleets.

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